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About Us

Our Company’s Motto: 

We never sale anything we don't wish we could add to our personal collection.


Company Mission:

To deliver fashion to the everyday busy person by removing the stress of sorting through rack after rack to find it.


Services offered:

Enjoy a personalized shopping experience while working with our expert stylist! We can match you with a stylist that will schedule a consult to learn the details of your needs. Our stylist can remake an outfit of your preference or provide you with a selection to choose from based off the information collected at consultation.  


We also offer a very unique service for our trendy consumers with a closet full of one piece favorites. This service involves stylist coming to your personal closet to match up items for new fresh looks that will make you feel reinvented and rejuvenated! 


About Us

2B Continued Fashion House is an online thrift clothing store providing a variety of styles including vintage retro and eclectic styles.  We also offer services such as personal shopping/stylist, and closet revamping with other services coming soon. Our company caters to the budget shopper who supports sustainability by recycling and reusing clothes that continues to hold their value.

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