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How do you wear your blazer?

Let’s talk blazer Fashion for women! As we embark upon this years summer style trends let’s not forget an all time fashion classic “the” women’s blazer. Blazers have been worn for centuries and have kept their value with time. It has been said that any woman 40 and up should own a blazer but I beg to differ. I deem it necessary for any and every age of woman to have at least one blazer in their closet. Blazers carry their own mood and personality. When a woman comes into a room dressed with the armor of a blazer it demands a level of respect and will not be ignored. Blazers were once only thought to be worn within a two piece suit but now that’s the least likely choice a women’s blazer is currently styled in this day and time even if and when it is bought within a pair. Blazers have become a descriptive layered outer accessory to top off many looks weather it be a dress, skirt, shorts, romper, tights, capri, joggers, jeans, or slacks. Modern day women have even took to making larger size blazers make fit dresses. They might add a belt and or bralette and call it done! Top it off with a nice boot, heel, flat, or even a comfortable sneaker. There is hardly a wrong way to wear a blazer however their are new style trends that aren’t always thought about. This month we will be featuring blazer outfit photos on our site and social media pages to show the many ways a blazer can be worn.

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